Third Offense or Subsequent

By the time you reach a third or subsequent DUI charge in Bridgeport or anywhere else in Connecticut, the stakes are high. All of the penalties that you have faced for previous DUI convictions will increase and you could face significant financial impact as well as jail time. To defend yourself against the charges that you face, it is best to speak with a Bridgeport 3rd offense DUI defense lawyer.


Facing a third or subsequent Bridgeport DUI charge can be overwhelming. Having been through this process before, We’re sure that the last thing that you want is to go through it again. While certain elements may have become familiar, such as going to the Bridgeport Superior Courthouse, establishing a defense, and working with a DUI defense attorney, it is important to familiarize yourself with some elements of this process that may change the third time around. Most importantly, you need to consider that the penalties for a 3rd or subsequent DUI will be different than the ones that you faced in the past. While you will face the same types of penalties, the severity of them will increase. We have more information for you on this page.

Penalties For a Third+ DUI Conviction

If you are ultimately convicted of a third or subsequent DUI, whether in Bridgeport or anywhere else, the penalties become steeper. This is because the court sees you as a persistent offender and thinks that you need even stricter penalties to stop you from offending yet again. The penalties that you might face in this case include:

  • A maximum prison sentence of three years, with a mandatory minimum of one year served. This penalty increases from two years for a second offense and six months for a first offense.
  • A maximum fine of $8,000. This penalty increases from a $4,000 fine for a second offense and a $1,000 fine for a first offense. As you are well aware, there may be other fees associated with your DUI charge, including attorney fees, court fees, added car insurance premiums, lost wages from time taken off from work related to your case, etc.
  • Probation and 100 hours of community service.
  • A maximum driver’s license suspension for two years. This penalty increases from the 45 day license suspension associated with first and second offenses.
  • If your driver’s license is reinstated, you need to use an ignition interlock device in all vehicles that you operate indefinitely. This is a lifetime requirement and can only be changed by the Commissioner of the DMV. You could apply to have the ignition interlock device requirement waived, but you can only do so after 15 years and after completing substance abuse treatment. It is the Commissioner of the DMV’s right to grant or deny your request.

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Aggravating Circumstances

Penalties may become more severe if you are charged with an additional crime in relation to your DUI. Related criminal charges may include risk of injury to a minor, fleeing the scene of a crime, assault with a motor vehicle, 2nd degree manslaughter, etc. A pending personal injury lawsuit may also indicate to the court that they should assign the maximum punishments to you.

As you can see, the stakes are incredibly high by the time that you face your third Bridgeport DUI charge. If you have two or more DUI convictions in any part of the state or even out-of-state in the past 10 years, you could face the penalties listed above. To make sure that your rights and freedom are protected, contact our office and speak with a local DUI defense lawyer. We have defended third offense DUIs in the past and can be your advocate throughout this difficult time.

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