Court Process

If you have to go to the Milford courthouse because you have been charged with a DUI, you might not know what to expect from court. Read on to learn more about the ins and the outs of the courthouse, how you can make a good impression in court, and how you can defend yourself against the charges that you face.


Getting arrested for a DUI and having to go to court tends to be nerve-racking, upsetting, and embarrassing. These negative feelings are exacerbated by the fact that most people in this position have not been arrested previously. Until a case is resolved, it may affect a person’s life immensely.

This, coupled with the harsh and long-lasting penalties associated with receiving a DUI in Connecticut, makes it important to have a good understanding of what is taking place and what to expect moving forward. If you are facing a Milford DUI, read on to learn more about the court process that you will likely go through. Understanding more about the court system will help you handle the experience that you now face.

Milford Court Process

First, it is important to understand that criminal cases such as DUIs are prosecuted by the State’s Attorney’s Office. State’s Attorneys represent the people and are appointed by an independent selection committee. It is important to note that prosecutors work heavily with the police to obtain evidence and testimony. With this in mind, one should always be mindful of what they say while at the courthouse, and should refrain from speaking with anyone, other than their lawyer, about their case, and should tell prosecutors that they have an attorney. This helps the prosecutor understand that the attorney should be included in discussions about the case.

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The location of the arrest or purported illegal act determines which courthouse the case will be heard in. In Connecticut, for purposes related to a DUI, criminal cases are heard at superior courthouses. If you were arrested in Milford, the case will be heard in Milford, at Superior Court G.A. 22.

Sometimes, cases may feel like they are dragging on or taking forever. This is due to two things; the first is that the prosecutors and courts get to control the case flow, and secondly, at times continuances are needed, which may postpone things. The first part essentially is what it is, but the second is actually quite helpful for the defense, as it gives the defense time to get witnesses and defense strategies in order.

It is important to always act with respect, courtesy, and dignity while in the courthouse. This is because the defendant is always being watched and examined. The judges and prosecutors want to see a good person who made a mistake and is learning from it, one that appreciates the seriousness of the situation. They don’t want to see someone who takes their charge lightly or does not respect the court. Cases are not entirely won or lost on appearances, but as in life, it does make a difference. Therefore it is always recommended that one dress appropriately and refrain from using vulgar or otherwise offensive language.

It is not easy dealing with a Milford DUI, and it is understandable for a person to be confused, or nervous, or embarrassed. It is in these hard times that we most need sound, solid advice. To talk with an attorney who can help, call Lady DUI today.

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